Bunny Ears Easter Bag blanks

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Blank bags - approx. 25 x 30.5cm with handle & ears. Fully lined with the same colour as the ear.

Burlap/Jute (fine threads)

HTV was tested on these bags - it does work, it requires a fair amount of pressure and pressing. I personally found that it stuck much better once the carrier was off the htv (very careful & slow peeling). No issues with machine/sewing embroidery. 

** the price shown is for one bag only. Postage as follows

$12.50 postage up to 10 bags
please enquire for postage costs for more than 10 bags

I will send separate postage invoices when bag orders are made. Orders will be fulfilled upon payment of postage. If you order and select a postage option, please note that the postage option may not be valid and I will make contact with you. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask me **