Q - what size sheet is your faux leather/embroidery vinyl ?

A - the vinyl sheets are roughly 9x12 inch with approx. 0.5cm allowance. Any major variance from this will be stated in the item description.


Q - what size is your faux leather/embroidery vinyl roll ?

A - vinyl rolls are supplied in 12 x 54 inch lengths (unless specified elsewhere), so 6 x sheets equivalent. Any major variance from this will be stated in the item description.

Q - how do I order a yard of vinyl ?

A - if ordering a yard of vinyl please be aware that currently this inventory is not in stock, it is by order only. I will not be ordering the yards of vinyl every day, I will wait to do a bulk order once a week or fortnight depending on demand. You may order your vinyl (for example) on Monday and I may not order it from my supplier until the following Monday. Please be aware of this waiting time. Once the vinyl has shipped from my supplier there could be a 3-4 week transit. The shipping/postage rates quoted when you go to check out will not apply for yards of vinyl. As these will be sent to you in a roll (not folded) you will need to get a courier quote from me. If you order the vinyl by the yard I will assume this information has been read and understood. Please be sure to message or email me with any questions related to ordering by the yard 

Q - where is local pick up ?

A - local pick up is from Upper Coomera, QLD 4209


Q - how true is the vinyl colours in your photos ?

A - vinyl colours may differ very slightly from the photo due to the monitor's colour settings or from dye lots used during manufacture. Photos taken try to show the best representation of the colour, taken at that time.


Q - what payment methods do you accept ?

A - you can pay via Paypal, bank transfer, credit/debit card or AfterPay


Q - why isn't my glow in the dark vinyl glowing in the dark ?

A - if you are like most of us, you store your materials in a drawer or cupboard. Put your glow in the dark out in some sunlight for a good day, allow it to absorb light and "charge". You should then see it glowing once it's dark


Q - my holographic pattern appears to have a line on it

A - in some holographic patterns the "print line" created during manufacture of the vinyl (where the design starts and stops during printing) can be visible. It is not a fault and refunds/replacements will not be issued if your order contains some holographic that has this. 


Q - how does woven and non woven backing differ ? 

A - Not sure which type of plain vinyl is right for your project? It all depends on the stitch type that you are embroidering in your project. 

There are two types of plain embroidery vinyl available in this store, WOVEN-backed and NON-WOVEN backed. 
Woven backed vinyl is backed with a knitted/woven fabric which provides strength and stability to the vinyl and prevents dense stitching from perforating the vinyl causing it to tear away from your stitches. Woven backed vinyl is the ideal choice for your project if you have any satin or tatami stitches.                                   .
Non-woven backed vinyl is backed with layers of fibres layed on top of each other. The fibres are not knitted and therefore can be easily separated. This type of vinyl is suitable for running/straight and zig zag stitches. It is not suitable for dense stitches like satin or tatami stitches.
Both are suitable for machine washing and I always advise to wash items in a lingerie bag or pillow case to protect your vinyl from any scratches from other items in the washing machine. 


Q - Metamark 7 Series (adhesive vinyl)
A- Metamark 7 series is a high performance calendered vinyl for computer-cut graphics for vehicles, window decals and long term application onto flat or slightly curved surfaces. Offers ease of weeding, wet application and clean removal. Exterior durability is 8 years for black & white, 7 years for colour and 5 years for metallic. May be applied with a wet or dry application. Apply unstressed, in particular to curves and recesses. It is not suitable for application over rivets or complex recesses. Not recommended for use on low energy surfaces like polypropylene (found in some plastics). User should determine suitability. Has a shelf life of 2 years. Resistant to mineral oils, fats and fuels, aliphatic solvents (eg gasoline and kerosene), mild acids, salt and alkali. 



Q - what are your shipping rates ?

A - postage is as follows

* Local pick up from QLD 4209 - Free
* VINYL SHEETS (letter rate with no tracking) - not applicable to rolled vinyl, bulky items or Camo HTV 0- 150gms - $4.00
* Standard Shipping (approx 3 days order processing time) 150 - 500gms - $9.50
* Standard Shipping 0kgs to 5kgs - $13.80

* Express Shipping 0kgs to 5kgs - $16.80
* Quilts, Seasonal sacks, Camo HTV, "by order" vinyl, large/bulk - postage IS NOT FREE, you will be contacted with a courier quote

Postage is based on Australia Post services and delivery time frames, or small couriers eg Aramex. The times when these postage rates won't apply is for bulky items (eg baby quilts) or items where a courier is required. Item descriptions should already advise of this, but if there is an issue I will send an email or message.


Q - what is that smell ? 
A - faux leather/synthetic vinyl does have a slight odor due to chemicals/colours used in the making of the material. The odor should reduce over time


 Q - there are some scuff marks on the backing of my faux leather/synthetic vinyl

A - unfortunately this is unavoidable, as it comes from the origin with these marks. Most completed projects should allow for these scuffs to be hidden though. 
Q - using a sewing machine for a vinyl project
A - it is recommended to use a teflon foot as faux leather/synthetic vinyl can "stick" under a regular foot. This causes the stitch length to shorten as it is not moving through, and could result in your vinyl being perforated/cut. If you do not have a teflon foot you could spray your vinyl with silicone spray to allow the foot to move over the vinyl (this will be a little messy on your fingers and on your project, but all can be wiped clean later). Use a bigger stitch length eg 3-4mm. 
Q - using an embroidery machine for a vinyl project
A - if you are finding that the vinyl is being pushed by the foot, give the vinyl a spray with some silicone. This will allow the foot to move over the vinyl without pushing it. 


 Q - how can I contact you ? 

A - You can message through Facebook Messenger via the business page, through Instagram via the business page or email rachelscvs@gmail.com


 Operating since 2017 ! Thank you everyone for your continued support ! 


** Recommendation ** 

some stronger/heavier stitches like a satin stitch may not work on all vinyl types - please always do a small test first before commencing your main project